About Us

The Digital Development Corporation (“DDC”) is an industry innovator in the proprietary creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) and provides consulting services and outsourcing for the development of third-party NFT projects.  The DDC also provides a gateway to the future of blockchain functionality and its optimization for projects that go beyond simple digital creations.

Thanks to the blockchain, and the various functional components available for artists, musicians, film makers, and entrepreneurs, NFT technology has become very relevant for an extremely exciting future where artists can eliminate middlemen, sell directly to buyers, and continue to receive ongoing royalties for the resale of their creations.  It’s a global community where artists can create works that also support the social impact and social justice causes that they align with.

As a visionary company, the DDC expects escalating adoption for years to come of the Non-Fungible Token as well as smart contracts that utilize the blockchain as a means of creating faster, safer, and more accurate commercial transactions.  As adoption increases, blockchain and smart contract-based business transactions will become widely accessible for both individuals and mega-corporations alike.  Because of the efficiency, reliability, transparency, and scalability of the blockchain, NFTs are not just for digital art, or for small retail transactions, but are ideal for any activity that requires absolute accuracy in providing transaction history, ownership authenticity, transaction safety, as well as automated and accurate royalty payments.

The DDC, therefore, is committed to creating unique and innovative collectibles, providing services to artists and musicians, development of innovation utilizing the blockchain, and building of communal activities and utility in the digital world.  DDC is also committed to meaningful participation in global philanthropy.