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“peace101”,  A historical world record!  peace 101 is believed to be a new world record set by the oldest living NFT artist, 101-year-old Robert (Bob) McAdam, Ph.D.  Presenting a creation and art collaboration featuring a 6,000-piece NFT collectible art series, peace101 is a profound call for global peace, and, a piece of history.

No stranger to setting world records, as a two-time world-record-breaking 5K athlete at the ages of 96 and 97 and a lifelong celebrated athlete, Dr. McAdam is believed to have set his 3rd world record, this time as the world’s oldest known NFT artist.

A former WWII prisoner of war in Nazi Germany and a Purple Heart recipient, Professor McAdam is a lifelong University educator. Who better, to serve as an ambassador of peace through his “peace101”  NFT series?

When revealed, in this NFT Series, you will see that the collection features a clear call for world peace at the artwork’s most central focal point. In the circle of peace, the circumference is drawn depicting barbwire, an element expressing the fear and suffering of all prisoners of war and those held captive or enslaved against their will.  The association of the WWII bomber dropping doves instead of bombs creates a clear expression of hope that peace would rule over destruction. The accent elements that are displayed on the right side of the various NFTs, show either dog tags, paratroopers, or combat boots in recognition of all soldiers who have fought and/or fallen for the causes of justice. Some of the NFTs will alternatively include boxing gloves or running shoes to depict additional achievements in the life of the artist. The rays that project from the peace sign emulate the sunshine as a metaphor for the hope and peace that the artist desires for all.

Congratulations to those of you who are able to own one of these highly acclaimed NFTs! In so doing, you will not only enjoy the statement expressed in the artwork but the imagery and colors that are intended to guide our imaginations for peace and happiness. Owning a “peace101” NFT is literally owning a piece of history!

About the artist, Dr. Robert McAdam, Ph.D.

Literally shot out of the skies over Austria during a mission in WWII, Bob plummeted from the bomber, parachuting to possible mortal injury, crashing through tree branches, and breaking several ribs before his fall ended. Bob was later awarded a Purple Heart, which is the oldest U.S. military award still presented to military members who have been injured or killed as a result of enemy action.  At 23, and with broken bones and internal bleeding, Bob was captured and forced into the Nazi prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft I, in Barth, Germany, where he and many others were nearly starved to death, until their liberation in 1945. Surviving the POW camp experience in a forced state of malnutrition, Bob has never really stopped fighting for peace and justice in one way or another, even now at the age of 101.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1920, Bob’s childhood years were greatly influenced by the great depression.   At a young age, Bob developed valuable sports skills, and he learned to leverage his many achievements as a platform for leadership. As a youth in high school, Bob won medals in the sport of boxing, skills that he has used for over 80 years to stay in shape (boxing at 92). He was captain of his high school basketball team, pitcher, and 1st baseman on the Chicago City championship team, and was elected President of his senior class at Chicago’s Steinmetz High School (Steinmetz College Prep ( which at the time had an enrollment of 4,500 students.

At the age of 23, Bob, and his 4 older brothers had all been drafted or enlisted and were serving in World War II.  As a prisoner of war, Bob led the calisthenics for 1,400 fellow prisoners in his compound, while carefully balancing those calories expended against the measly rations of “food” for the day that might consist of 1,000 calories in total.

Those calories usually consisted of potatoes, a grain-like oatmeal, and bread with a “food” recipe including 20% tree flour (saw dust), and 10% minced leaves and straw.  Not in the recipe, but often intentionally baked into the bread were horse droppings and bits of metal and glass.  The Nazi prisoner nutrition regimen was leading to the intentional starvation of the prisoners.

In his professional career, Bob utilized his doctorate in Physical Education received from the University of Illinois as a Kinesiology professor, and while he was teaching, he coached both University tennis and gymnastics.  As a professor, Bob became an educator and mentor to a great many youths, teaching life’s lessons from introductory 101 courses all the way to doctorate level classes.

Complementing his professional career, Bob was selected to be part of an important U.S. Space Mission called the “Mercury Project” (What Was Project Mercury? | NASA), which was started in 1958 as the first human spacecraft program of the United States designed to put a man into orbit and return him safely back to earth. Bob was part of the team that measured the physical performance of the first astronauts for this historic initial space project.

However, prior to that and after his return from War II over a game of Ping Pong at DePaul University, Bob might argue his greatest achievement was when he met the love of his life Grace, to whom he was married for 69 years before becoming a widower.  He was the father of seven boys and one girl.  A lifelong educator, author, and retired college professor, and as an accomplished tennis player in his youth, he became a State Handball Champion in his mid-years, but it wasn’t until age 53 that Bob started playing racquetball.  Bob later became a four-time world racquetball champion in his various age divisions and at the age of 85, he was inducted into the International Masters Racquetball Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Always the athlete, and at the age of 96, in an unsanctioned race, Bob broke the World Record for the fastest 5K run in the 95 and older age group. One year later, at the age of 97, in a sanctioned race, he once again broke the World Record for running the fastest 5K in the 95 and older age group. Now, at 101 years old, he has likely accomplished his 3rd world record by preparing his creation for the high-tech world of NFT digital artwork.  While this new World Record NFT is an amazing achievement in itself, for Bob, it is once again a platform to reach out to all generations, and especially to connect with the youth. Reaching into the MetaVerse, Bob knows that millions and perhaps billions of people can be reached globally in an instant through technology.  He knows it is the youth, on the internet, that will shape much of this world going forward. To all, especially the youth, through this NFT series, Professor McAdam presents his curtain call for human dignity, freedom, and global peace. Hence peace101.

Featured in the documentaries section of our website, is a short video of Bob at 92, showing his captivating “old-school” techniques of rhythmically hitting a boxing speed bag in various styles and forms. Additionally, there is a full-length documentary produced about Bob and another WWII prisoner. Ironically, both men were POWs at the same camp at the same time, yet neither person knew the other. Over seven decades later, and with neither one of them residing in their native states, they both became residents at the same retirement village, 25 steps down the hall from each other. The documentary tells their stories.


The “peace101” commemorative generative NFT art series collection is a collaboration featuring hand-painted art from Robert McAdam, PhD with numerous digital features and overlays generated by the Digital Development Corporation (DDC), which completes the art.

The peace101 art collection features Bob’s hand-painted “101” in which he has incorporated the peace sign. Photos of Bob creating this art, can be seen above.

Collaborating with Bob, but not to be revealed visually until days before the minting, the Digital Development Corporation has assisted in creating the artistic story by digitally enhancing his base image referenced in the art series. All pieces in the series will feature barbed wire encircling the peace sign, a bomber dropping doves, not bombs, and beams or rays signifying hope. Brightly colored graphics of the rays will change throughout the series as will various icons that express his life experiences: parachuting from a crashing plane, dog tags of war, combat boots, boxing gloves, representing his boxing success in his youth and his boxing workouts at age 92, as well as running shoes to commemorate his two world-record breaking 5k runs at the age of 96 and again at 97, as seen in this video clip.

DDC is proud and honored to work with this WWII POW Veteran and Purple Heart recipient, to help spread this centenarian’s call for peace. At 101 years of age, who better to teach this message than former professor Robert McAdam, PhD?

Proceeds From peace101

With Bob having fought and suffered greatly during wartime while directly experiencing the hardships and degradation of imprisonment, Digital Development Corporation has pledged to give 10% of its profits from the sales of this NFT series to help fight global human trafficking, a form of violent imprisonment, which causes great destruction of human dignity.